Children & Divorce Group

Helping children adjust to the changes of divorce and separation.

Transitions is a six-session program designed to help children adjust to the changes that come with divorce and separation. The goals are to promote academic, social and emotional growth and to build self-esteem. The program provides children with a supportive group environment in which they can strengthen their communication skills, learn about feelings, practice problem solving and work on anger control. By the end of the program, we hope children will see themselves not as victims of divorce, but rather as young people who have acquired insights, maturity and new skills in handling emotionally challenging situations.
Children will also learn that divorce is not their fault and that they are not alone.

This group is appropriate for boys and girls ages 5-12.
Group runs one hour per week for six weeks.
Group Objectives: This group is designed to
  • Teach your child how to identify and stop anxious thoughts.
  • Provide education on the physiology of anxiety.
  • Teach the relationship between thoughts, feeling, and behavior.
  • Empower the child with skills and confidence.
  • Normalize and offer support.
  • Teach calming strategies and increase serenity.