Offering research-based, relationship oriented group experiences for boys and girls ages 5-14 since 1991. Groups are designed to provide a safe yet challenging environment within which a full range of social skills and competencies can develop. Collaboration with parents through the initial screening provides treatment planning and goal setting.
Group work is outcome based. Children attending the social skills group KBAM generally meet over 75% of their identified goals. Our groups work with a wide range of children's issues including ADHD, Asperger’s, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, distractibility and impulse control issues, difficulties with the expression of anger, and disruptions to family life. Our groups are organized by age, grade, and developmental capacity while tending to be heterogeneous in terms of specific issues and problems. Our goal is to work on personal and social development in a fun, experiential and reality-based context that will promote generalization of gains to the outside world.
K. B. A. M.

Kids, Boundaries, and Manners. K.B.A.M. is a learning group desinged to help children understand body boundaries and personal space, as well as educate about manners and safety.


Is it just the Wiggles or is it really ADHD? Diagnostic Assessment and Treatment Program.


Does your child seem anxious, become easily frustrated, repeat acts, rigid, fear of germs and failure? This group may help.

Children and Divorce

Helping children adjust to divorce and separation. Transitions is a six-session program designed to help children adjust to the changes that come with divorce.